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Athonite Incense from the Holy Mountain
Incense from Mt Athos

We get our incense from a skete on the western side of the Holy Mountain (Mt. Athos), by Karoulia. This Athonite incense is made from the finest botanicals and essential oils, in the traditional Athonite style.

Please Be Careful!!!
***Please note that the practice of burning incense, or lighting of vigil lamps, must be done with caution. Remember, censers DO get hot and may burn. Make sure that you place your censer and/or vigil lamp on a sturdy base, to avoid spilling of hot coal or oil. Watch for children and animals when using hot objects. Any misuse of our products is not the responsibility of Orthodox Incense nor our suppliers. Please be attentive when using our products, and never leave the censer or oil lamp unattended.***
Incense from Mt Athos

The classic herb fragrance (Marjoram) used in the monasteries on the Holy Mountain!

1 oz. :  $6.95
1/4 lb.:  $19.95

TEMP Out of Stock . . . more will be coming

Reminiscent of my Batiushka, we offer this very high grade incense with a distinct clean aroma. Since the first time my Fr Timothy used it, it quickly became one of his favorites. So, we dedicate this aroma to all the "Batiushkas!"

1 oz. :  $6.95
1/4 lb. :  $19.95

From the Holy Mountain comes this classic earthy incense, reminiscent of the fragrant fields around which our Savior was born.

1 oz. :  $6.95
1/4 lb. :  $19.95
1/2 lb :  $34.95
Bulgarian Rose

A regal rose scent!

1 oz.:  $7.00
1/4 lb :  $20.00

A favorite and popular fragrance of Orthodox worship!

1 oz.:  $7.50
1/4 lb.:  $20.00
1/2 lb:  $33.00

Also known as "Angel Flower" is lite fragrance from the Holy Mountain!  A classic scent!

1 oz.:  $6.99
1/4 lb.:  $19.99

A classic fragrance from the Mediterranean . . . familiar to the Island of Cyprus.

1 oz.:  $6.95
1/4 lb.:  $19.99
Desert Flower

A flowery fragrance reminiscent of the desert flowers of Egypt

1 oz.:  $7.00
1/4 lb.:  $19.99
Egyptian Amber

Earthy aroma in honor of the Egyptian Desert Fathers!

1 oz.:  $7.00
1/4 lb:  $19.00
Lemon Flower

Fresh lemon scent!  Very nice!

1 oz. :  $6.99
1/4 lb. :  $19.99

Fresh scent of Springtime lilac flowers, and a wonderful choice to have the aroma of Spring in the air. Formally named "Jordanville Lilac."

1 oz.  :  $7.00
1/4 lb. :  $19.00
Lycean Myrrh

Rich Biblical fragrance of Myrrh from Asia Minor, and made on the Holy Mountain!

*This is not myrrh resin as in the picture, rather, it is the Athonite style of incense.  We just wanted to show a picture of pure myrrh resin.

1 oz. :  $7.99
1/4 lb.:  $19.99
1/2 lb. :  $34.99
Spikenard (Nardos)

A very biblical fragrance . . . used by Mary, the sister of Lazarus to anoint the feet of Jesus.

Limited quantities available

1 oz.:  $5.99

Fresh picked berry!  Light & fragrant!!

1 oz. :  $6.99
2 oz. :  $12.99
1/4 lb. :  $19.99

The aroma of this wonderful flower . . . bright & fragrant!!

Limited quantities available

1 oz:  $5.99
Wild Rose

Aroma of fesh cut roses from the Holy Mountain

1 oz:  $8.00
1/4 lb:  $18.00
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