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Imported Frankincense - Resin Incense
We offer some of the finest resin incense available from Africa and the Middle East!
Ethiopian Frankincense

Pure Ethiopian Frankincense, with hints of lemon and evergreen!  This incense is imported directly from Ethiopia and it comes in smaller nuggets.

1 oz.:  $5.00
1/4 lb.:  $10.00
1/2 lb:  $16.00
Olibanum - Frankincense

This is a high grade variety of frankincense that is grown in abundance in the coastal regions of Somaliland. Known as olibanum or boswellia carterii, it burns with a very deep, pleasant aroma that is both earthy and spicy. It is harvested only in July and August, and has been used as incense by Middle Eastern Christians since antiquity.

1 oz.:  $7.00
1/4 lb.:  $15.00
1/2 lb.:  $25.00
Somalian Frankincense

Somalian Frankincense is a rich golden brown tree resin that has a very powerful and vivid earthy aroma. It is harvested and cleaned by hand each summer in Africa's easternmost country, Somalia. For centuries, this ancient natural resin was used as incense for the Divine Services throughout the Byzantine Empire and all of Christendom.

1 oz.:  $6.00
1/4 lb.:  $12.00
1/2 lb:  $18.00
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