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Orthodox Incense Censers!
Brass Censer

Beautiful hand censer, made of brass. 7.5" tall x 2.5" wide.  The hinged top is pierced to allow the smoke to rise up, and to keep the charcoal burning brightly.  These censers have beautiful hardwood handles which remain insulated from the heat of the censer.  Ideal for home use or for use in reader’s services and for censing icons!

Brass Censer: $29.00
Brass Censer - Long Handle

Nice looking brass censer with long solid wood handle!  Censer is 4 3/4" tall x 2 3/4" wide and the handle measures 8" long!  Perfect for censing in your Ikon Corner!

Long Handle Censer: $25.00
Incense Spoon

A very simple, stainless steel spoon for placing incense on your charcoal without getting your fingers burnt.  Spoon measures 4 5/8"

Spoon: $1.95
Incense Starter Sets
Incense Starter Set

Beautiful Incense Starter Set with everything you need to get your prayers "rising up as incense!"  It comes complete with a brass censer, two 1 ounce packages of incense, a package of 6 charcoal pieces, a pair of stainless steel tongs & stainless steel spoon.  This beautiful set contains everything needed to get started, and comes with instructions.

Brass Censer: $49.95
Brass Censer - Long Handle: $45.95

We offer charcoal from the United States, Holland and Greece!

Charcoal Tongs

Tired of burning your fingers?  Get a pair of these stainless steel tongs to hold onto your charcoal when you lite them.  Your choice of either the 6" long with teeth (left) or the 7" long with the "crow's feet" end.  Both will grasp your charcoals nicely.

6" Tongs - Teeth: $4.00
7" Tongs - Crow's Feet: $4.50
Char-Lite Charcoal

From the Char-Lite company!!  Bag contains 6 pieces of fast lighting charcoal.  Each piece is 1 3/4" diameter.  Box contains 100 coals.  Lite it, and you will be burning your incense in no timeThey can be easily broken into smaller pieces too!!  If the shipping cost seems high, a box of charcoal has a shipping weight of 4 lbs.

Bag of 6 coals: $3.50
Box of 100: $26.95
Charcoal Powder

OUT OF STOCK . . . Our Apologies

Some folks prefer to use this charcoal powder because there are no sparks, no smoke or heavy odor.  Made from hardwood charcoal that is ground into a powder.  All it takes is a heaping spoonful in your censer, lite it, and it will slowly spread.  Patience is needed, because it is not as fast lighting as traditional charcoal.  A 1/2 lb. of powder, packaged in a zip-loc bag to ensure keeping the mositure out, and it will give you many many times to burn your incense.  Any charcoal that absorbs moisture WILL become very hard to lite, if at all.

**How to Use Charcoal Powder**

Open zip-loc bag carefully to avoid spilling. Place a heaping spoonful of charcoal powder in your censer, and lite it with a grill lighter, thin candle or long match, holding it there for 5-10 seconds. Try lighting on a few sides of the powder. Wait a few minutes until all powder starts glowing. Blowing gently over the powder will accelerate the spread of the glow. After the mound begins to glow (white ash) place a few pieces of incense on top. The next time you use your censer, do not throw away old ashes. Scoop out ashes from center of the censer, and fill with a spoonful of new powder. If you have never used charcoal powder before, some extra patience will be needed. It does not light as quickly as the charcoal discs. Keep the charcoal powder sealed, as moisture will affect the ability for it to light.

If you need any help at all, please do not hesitate to email us at: priestseraphim at gmail dot com

Safety precautions:

Be careful, do not light charcoal powder near flammable objects.  As always, watch for children nearby, and place your hot censer in a secure place away from children and/or pets.

1/2 lb. Bag: $12.00
Three Kings Charcoal

A favorite charcoal to use for burning incense, we have the popular Three Kings Charcoal brand, made in Holland.  Right now, we have rolls (10 pieces per roll) of the 33mm size - 1.25" and the 40mm size - 1.50".

33mm: $3.50
40mm: $4.00
33mm Box of 10 Rolls: $24.00
40mm Box of 10 Rolls: $30.00
Please Be Careful!!!
***Please note that the practice of burning incense, or lighting of vigil lamps, must be done with caution. Remember, censers DO get hot and may burn. Make sure that you place your censer and/or vigil lamp on a sturdy base, to avoid spilling of hot coal or oil. Watch for children and animals when using hot objects. Any misuse of our products is not the responsibility of Orthodox Incense nor our suppliers. Please be attentive when using our products, and never leave the censer or oil lamp unattended.***
Matushka's Corner
Matushka's Corner
Matushka's Corner
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Ancient Faith Radio
Ancient Faith Radio
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